Hi-Performance Belly Band Holster

Crotch Pocket Brand Holstr™ #1 USA Belly Bands are made from new DuPont soft mil-spec lightweight breathable neoprene and feature:

Super Tuck™ Design

Any brand / Any caliper handgun

1 Spare mag pocket / 1 Extra large front accessory pocket


Made in the USA by veteran employees who also carry concealed. You can't beat our features, price or comfort level. Do yourself a favor and wear America's only "Premier™" belly band with enough horsepower for concealed carry:

Hi-Performance Features:

Lay flat technology...

Tucks to your body better for less printing.

Breathes 30% more than others.

Less moisture build-up.

10% thinner for easier IWB.

Anti-Grip pad...

Won't feel cold gun against belly skin.

A lot more comfortable.

Adjustable grip height adjustment.

Inside security pocket.

Weighs 25% less with new lightweight neoprene.

D-Ring for keys.

Built in thumb break.

Removable lumbar back support.

Made 100% in the USA.


Be Smart: You carry for protection. Don't be fooled by cheap internet holsters that make big claims people believe only to come up short and sweaty. Get more benefits. Support the 2'nd Amendment. Buy American made.


Guaranteed Satisfaction or return for a refund.

Easy to wear. Simply measure your belly. Its that simple!


Universal in design fits all .22LR, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm autos and most revolvers (see chart above). Guns with lasers, etc. please contact us for details.


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Crotch Pocket™ belly holster is my preferred way I have found to carry.... The gun feels naturally connected to me and lightweight. More so than any of the others I have bought. In fact I liked it so much I bought another for my wife. She loves it!  Tom S., Washington

I have worn a lot of holsters over the years and then I found this friendly company Crotch Pocket™. I can't believe how much more comfortable this brand is to wear all day compared to the others. Gun placement feels right and the extra pocket is also in the right spot which helps me carry stuff I need.  Beverly A., Florida

These neoprene belly bands by the Crotch Pocket™ Company are the best fitting and most comfortable gun holsters we have ever bought. 5 stars isn't enough of a rating for how well these work.  Semper Fi.  Jeb M., Kansas

Made in USA. Priced right. All the options I want. Gun really does tuck to your body for less of a print. Free on-line training... I'd rate it six stars if I could.  Don R., Kentucky

Don't even bother with cheap belly bands you find elsewhere on the internet. This brand blows them away!  Keith R., Wisconsin

Guaranteed fit and made in the USA!

No catalogs... Just great products!

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