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Super Tuck™ Lightweight Hunter/Prepper Belly Holster

Belly Band for any brand, any caliber handgun / Universal Design

3-Spare mag, flashlight or scent bottle pockets / 1 D-Ring

1-Accessory money, matches or license pocket / 1-Cell/GPS pocket

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Crotch PocketBelly Holstr is made from Ultra soft American mil-spec lightweight cool neoprene for best in class comfort. Made in the USA! Make it Bulletproof.

Enough pockets to carry everything you need for everyday survival. Securely holds handgun with our exclusive Kydex Inspired shape. Tucks to your body for superb comfort. Hold spare mag, cash or phone. Plus an added D ring for keys or accessories.

Adjustable grip safety strap for SAO backstrap safeties or any other gun.

"Wear up around belly, down low on waist under a shirt OR even lower on hip for total concealment." Either way know your always protected in comfort and function with Complete Stealth™.

Looking for a smart holster to wear around my waist and found this product. I can now carry everything I need. You won't believe how comfortable this feels. Easily fits inside waistband or outside of T-shirt and holds my .45 right where I want it. Crotch Pocket™ belly band works for me.  Larry F.

This CAMO look simply rocks! I've got all the pockets I need for survival.... I can also carry a spare set of batteries for my light. Very lightweight, breathable and seamlessly comfortable to wear. Won't go anywhere without it.  Jeffery H.

#CP/Camo $39.99  
#CP/Camo XL $44.99  

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