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We have 30+ years of sewn neoprene product manufacturing in the USA...
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Our soft American-made Neoprene Products shape to your body, so you can stay protected and in comfort. Supplying OEM and other markets, we use the highest quality materials that will give you years of service life.

What a wonderful item I bought. I'm so glad that it works as advertised and is made in the USA.  Sally, Nashville, TN

Your product helped me out a lot. I can't even tell you how well pleased I am.  Terry, Bakersfield, CA

In 3 words... Safe. Secure and Comfortable!  Dave, Augusta, GA


USA Brand Holsters… Made in America
Where in God we Trust!




Women's Thigh/Leg Holster for Dress Wear or Skirts

Service Model Belly Band

Men's Leg/Thigh

Belly Band






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