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To whom it may concern... After purchasing your belly band I have a few comments to make. First, I didn't know of this holster for a few years. And like everybody else, I purchased from someone else on the web. Being a CCW I always thought other like minded people were patriotic. Boy was I wrong. The majority of "gun" people claim they support the USA but can't wait to buy a holster made in China only to save a few bucks. What a bunch of losers. From my buying experience, 99% of neoprene belly band holsters ARE made in China. Sure, some companies say they engineered it and then have them make it. But the reality is, Chinese made belly bands flood the U.S. market by mostly the same company only with just different names. Just check it out for yourself. And amazon is the worse!

Second, once I found your product and tested it against all the others I have, I can't believe how much better and comfortable your holster is. These "gun" people have got to be some of the dumbest and easily fooled shoppers in America. Don't they realize every time they purchase a made in China neoprene belly band, they are supporting the PLA with their goal of challenging AND winning against the U.S. military? Beating up on our service men & women. According to the Pentagon, China is now our biggest threat. Not Russia!

And finally, I just love your made in USA belly band holster with all its benefits and have told the guys at work. I now see a lot of them ended up wearing your X-Ray Delta™ just like me! Thanks for opening up my eyes and allowing me to realize I'm not a phony like so many others. And please accept my heartfelt 5-star review.
Jack K.  /  America Loving Patriot



X-RAY DeltaModel
Belly Band Gun Holster

This is the real deal... Unlike all the other belly band holsters you see on the net, this is the ONLY one with ALL the desirable concealed carry features you need built in (see below). Like gun moisture management and grip height adjustment. Believe me, you need this made in America Belly Band Holster. As a firearms instructor with years of law enforcement training, I know a great set-up. And let me tell you, folks this is the real deal. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for. Well baby, this belly band is simply the best around.
NRA Life Member


The Most Comfortable 
Belly Band Holster you'll ever own...
Civilian or Military,


Photos Will Vary. Not Applicable to All Models.
Thumb Break*/other features not pictured.




USA Quality.
#1 Selling Mil-Spec
Belly Band in the World.


Nobody even comes close
... Absolute invisible holster I have ever found to wear around my waist. Prints a lot less. You'd probably need a TSA xray machine to see it. Feels super fantastic the first moment I put it on. Really fast draw too. Makes my old belly bands from amazon seem like old out-dated designs. I've bought a lot of holsters over the years from others on the internet. But in my opinion, the new X-RAY Delta™ from these guys is by far the best one ever for concealed carry. Robert J., Texas

Does your belly band have 
these benefits?


Probably not!


Get these Exclusive
Nobody Else Has:

Photos Will Vary. Not Applicable to All Models.
Thumb Break*/other features not pictured.


Secret Service inspired design & tuck technology
nearly invisible from the outside...

Creates a lot less print and more comfort than
any other on the market... Guaranteed!

Proprietary Space Age hi-modulus black cellular
perforation construction...

Makes it breathe 30% more than others...

You get less moisture build-up...

Sweet 10% thinner material for easier IWB...
Fits all belly sizes...

*Light / Red Dot compatible...

Spare mag and front accessory pocket,
perfect size to hold triage kit...

Grip barrier...

Gun barrel barrier...

Adjustable grip height adjustment...

*Reversible Colors...

Nice inside security pocket...

Handy D-Ring for keys or flashlight...

Quik & Stealthy™ Brand Thumb Break,
place it where you want it...

Thin design won't snag pants or clothing,
for black tie security events...

Or remove it for a really fast draw...

*Optional Velcro® or elastic safety straps...

*Removable lumbar back support for
incredible carry comfort and
gun weight distribution...

Quality Mil-Spec construction...

Made 100% in the USA.


All This + Plus 1 more...
Lifetime Bulletproof Warranty^


Compare our product and features to anyone else and you'll see,
America's Freedom Choice in concealed carry.


Fits All guns chambered in .22, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 30 Super Carry,
9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm single or double stack autos
and most short barrel revolvers.
Guns with lasers, red-dot, etc. please contact us for additional order details and specs.


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Guaranteed fit!

Buying a holster can be very demanding sometimes. So if you don't like it, simply return it within 30 days hassle free in new unused condition for a refund or size exchange. Your choice. But we know you'll love this holster. Why? Because its the best made in USA belly band on the market and we stand behind it, parts and labor, 100%.
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Photos Will Vary. Not Applicable to All Models.
Thumb Break*/other features not pictured.

This brand belly holster from this company is my preferred way I have found to carry.... The gun feels naturally connected to me and lightweight. More so than any other holster I've gotten from amazon. In fact I liked it so much I bought a spare for myself and another for my wife. She loves it!  Tom T., Washington

Y'all, I've worn a lot of different belly band holsters and then I found this product. I can't believe how much more comfortable it is to wear all day compared to the others. Gun placement feels right and the extra pocket is also in the right spot which helps me carry my stuff I need during the day.  Beverly A., Texas

These new USA made neoprene belly bands are the best fitting, best looking and most comfortable gun holster we have ever bought-period. 5 stars isn't enough of a rating for how well these work. No drag quick draw compared to other belly bands and super easy access while you carry. Makes other belly bands seem rather silly.  Semper Fi.  Jeb M., Kansas

Made in USA. Priced right. Positions gun for a quick draw. All the carry options I want and need. Gun really does tuck to your body for less of a print. Love the fast draw. Also feels more secure than any other I've tried. I'd rate it six stars if I could.  Don B., Kentucky

Don't even bother with other belly bands you find elsewhere on the internet. I thought they were good too with reviews until I found this company. This holster blows them all away!  Deputy Sheriff Keith R., Wisconsin

Far out! This new holster technology makes other belly bands I have feel kinda like old and not as good. Its like alien technology or something. Like out of this world. Really a nice piece of sewn art. And top notch quality. Its now more enjoyable to carry my Glock all day long.  Amy P., Florida

Photos Will Vary. Not Applicable to All Models.
Thumb Break*/other features not pictured.


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* Not applicable to all models & Walker Cross-Draw.
^For Lifetime Warranty service, please
contact us for details.


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