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USA Super Tuck™ Neoprene Belly Band $19.99 IWB (inside) and OWB (outside) the waist for Men and Women. "Order it the way you want it" for the best belly band made in the USA. Only $19.99 any size and configuration.


USA Neoprene Belly Band On-Target $29.99 IWB (inside) and OWB (outside) the waist for Hunters / Preppers in Camo. With added features like extra pockets and D-ring. When you need to protect and Be on Target™.



USA Women's Thigh Holster $39.99 Wear under a Dress or Skirt.... Voted #1 and "Best in Class" for Ladies comfort on leg, leggings or nylons. Black or Nude. Also available as a matched set with belly band.



USA Men's 9mm Thigh Holster $34.99 Wear Under Clothing (shown over jeans) for Kilts, Work Coveralls, Medical/Food Service, Shorts without a shirt, etc. No Belt Required.



USA Ultra Deep Concealment $19.99 AIWB/Groin Holster 32ACP & 380ACP. Fully adjustable cant and position for LCP's, Bodyguards, Bobcats, etc. Perfect for Medical/Food Service Draw String pants. No Belt Required.

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Women's Thigh Holster Wear Under Dress Skirt Conceal Carry Men's Leg Holster Belly Band Holster .22LR .32 ACP .380 ACP 9mm Smith & Wesson Glock Springfield Ruger Sig Sauer Taurus Kimber Walther Beretta H&K FN Colt KEL-TEC CZ Kahr Remington Belly Band Holster